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David Diamantes, CBO, author, code-trainer and consultant

David Diamantes, is an internationally known author, lecturer and consultant, specializing in fire prevention and protection and inspector training. He is the author of Fire Prevention: Inspection and Code Enforcement, 4th ed. (2015), Principles of Fire Prevention, 3rd ed. (Jones & Bartlett 2015), and is the developer of training programs for fire fighters, fire inspectors, fire investigators and building inspectors. He has served as an adjunct instructor for the National Fire Academy, Northern Virginia Community College, the Virginia Fire Marshal Academy, and Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute.


He retired in 1998 as the Supervisor of Inspections in the Fire Prevention Division of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department (Virginia), after twenty-five years of service as a firefighter, fire officer and fire prevention officer. He has played an active role in the code development process within the Commonwealth of Virginia and on the national level, serving as chairman of the Virginia Fire Services Board's Code Change Committee. He served on the Loudoun County, Virginia Building and Fire Prevention Code Board of Appeals from 1996-2000.


He was the course developer of the Fire Inspector Series of Certification Training programs offered by the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute's Special Programs Branch at Department of Defense Installations in the United States, Europe and Asia.


Training programs tailored to your organization are his specialty. He can assist you in establishing inspections programs, developing permit and fee systems, budgeting and developing standard operating procedures for fire prevention bureaus. Expert witness services are limited to government organizations. Code consulting, training programs, fire safety and fire evacuation plans can be developed for government agencies or private industry.