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Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement, 4th Edition

Fire Science Instructors, interested in acquiring a license to use Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement for your classes?
Per student plans are available.
Each student receives a PDF copy of the text.
Use the instructor guide, test bank and instructor slides for free.


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Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement was first published by Delmar-Cengage publishing in 1998. I received favorable comments from instructors over the years and circulation was good through three editions. I received bad news in 2013-- Cengage Publishing was dropping their fire science line. I was baffled. Sales had always been brisk.


Cengage graciously offered to return publishing rights to all of their fire science authors. Initially, I was too shocked to understand what a generous gesture that would turn out to be. After co-writing Report Writing Code for Inspectors with Dr. Jean Reynolds, which we wrote and self-published, I realized that I could update Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement and offer it at a very reasonable price. Among its features:


Quality 8" by 10" 372 page paperback
Updated to the 2012 model codes
Correlated to NFPA 1031 (2014)
Written to meet FESHE guidelines
Updated diagrams
Updated questions
Free instructor guide with PowerPoint slides and test bank
Cost $29.95 for paperback, ebook $9.99, as opposed to the previous $60 - $100 price
Available through, Create Space Publishing, traditional bookstores and academic and library purchasing channels.


The fourth edition of Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement is updated to reflect the 2012 ICC and Uniform Fire Codes. This book features step-by-step explanations and practical examples of the use of model building and fire codes, including detailed information on the legal, economic, and political aspects of the fire inspection process. A comprehensive guide to the "nuts and bolts" of actually inspecting and codes, topics addressed include: right of entry, enforcement authority, the permit system, building limits and types of construction, and fire protection systems and their maintenance. The 3-part format enables readers to progress logically from the study of code administration, inspection, and enforcement procedures. Ideal for use as a key component of any professional fire-inspector training program, this book also serves as an excellent reference for building and property maintenance inspectors.


You can order FPI&CE (links on right) through Create Space and at (both paperback and ebook). Bookstores can order through Ingram distributors.


The free instructor guide including PowerPoint slides and a test bank is available to instructors at academic institutions and fire academies. Use the link to the left or send an email to to obtain the IG free of charge.


Licenses to use the book, test bank and slides on line in BlackBoard are available free of charge to academic institutions. Use the email address on the Contact page to request one.

Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement, 4th Edition